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The situation regarding the supply of Corona related products

Temporary delivery problems

The Whole World is going crazy about masks, and other products Corona-related, which has caused enormous problems and delays all through the supply chain.

Factories are running 24/7 to try to meet the demands of the World market, producing multiple millions of extra security products in the fight against the Corona-Virus. This has also had a tremendous effect on transport Companies, which has huge problems on delivering due to time schedules, which of course, again has an effect on suppliers and retailers.

We were supposed to have both, masks and sanitizer, during this past week. But customs in China, is also adding ”problems” to this chaotic situation, while they demanded all freight’s for foreign countries on a hold, so they can check if certificates and all of the products being exported, is meeting the quality control, which is different in different countries.

We in MMM Tools ”despite as irritating as it is” really welcomes these initiatives performed by Chinese Government. While it is also in our best interest, that people buy exactly what they expect.

We have been promised to get some of our ordered products Tuesday and Thursday the 21th and 23th of April.

So let us hope and cross our fingers, it actually happens, but we do not dare guaranteeing that as 100% sure.

If you cannot wait for this, maybe uncertain situation, we fully understand if you choose to cancel your order. Just let us know, and we will cancel straight away. And of course we haven’t drawn your Money.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, and hope for your forgiveness.We are doing everything possible, to ensure never ending up in this situation Again.

Yours sincerely
Marriuz B. Svensson


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